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Our Story

The Digital Banking industry is in the middle of its growth and expansion, this is a chance to make progress in how funds are moved, how are handled, and in the era of technology how fast are sent and received.


We are in the middle of this market and offer our clients variety of products and services that help them navigate the banking and financial challenges effectively.

Who We Are

A combination of new technological methods and innovative approaches makes our banking secure and at disposal at everyone's fingertips through smartphones and other smart gadgets.

​Our team is a combination of business professionals, bankers, compliance and financial sector professionals, and programming engineers each having a minimum of 15 years of experience in the industry.​

We build a global business with a high respected and widely recognized brand around integrity, high customer satisfaction and increased profit without sacrificing but enhancing the product quality and execution.
We strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity and craft our technology with sustainability and great customer experience.

Our Mission

Setting the standards for sustainable and transparent organisational and financial environment that: deliver superior value with fast and secure payments to our customers and provide innovative solutions for the markets and communities we serve by unleashing the talents of our employees.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create, develop and maintain the most secure, most transparent and fastest banking, transactions and payment solutions on the market.




Companies in the Banking and Financial sectors are welcomed to contact us with their solutions, so we can have competitive edge and choose the best platform that is suitable for our needs and the needs of our clients. Providers of technology can be in a long term partnership with us if their solution is sustainable and scalable so it supports our long term  development and growth objectives.


ID Verification

Verification is done with the newest and fastest technology, so the time for account opening is brought to a minimum. 

Once verified we will not ask for verification again, except what is requested by regulation.


HID is our trusted partner providing the technology behind the ID verification and authentication processes at Pegasus Alfa. Powering Trusted Identities is what they do.

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Availability of accounts will depend on the area and country the customer is from. We are striving to make our services available worldwide. 

Accounts in multiple currencies with the highest security in holding and fastest technology for transfers.

  • Current accounts

  • Multi-currency accounts

  • IBAN

  • FasterPayments


  • SEPA/SEPA Instant


Reserve your spot now.


We offer cards for different types of customers that require different approach and have different needs.

Almost everyone will find its suitable card offer.

Check the offers and register for an early access once the cards are available

TagSystemsUK is our trusted partner as most reliable and secure in the manufacturing and personalization process of our Burgundy, Gold and Platinum cards.



Accounts for our new generation
Students and Young Professionals
Graduation Caps
Accounts for the experienced and also the business oriented customers
Accounts for our 60+ the highly experienced customers
Retired Happy Couple



Our Address

7th Floor John Stow House, 18 Bevis Marks, London, England, EC3A 7JB

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