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Our Story

We are just starting this up, in the testing phase, prospective clients, investors and developers are welcomed to ask for information and participate in the start up stage. Our services are not yet available to the public. ​

The Digital Banking industry is in the middle of its growth and expansion, this is a chance to make progress in how funds are moved, how are handled, and in the era of technology how fast are sent and received.

Who We Are

A combination of new technological methods and innovative approaches makes our banking secure and at disposal at everyone's fingertips through smartphones and other smart gadgets.

​Our team is a combination of business professionals, bankers, compliance and financial sector professionals, and programming engineers each having a minimum of 15 years of experience in the industry.

​We are keen on developing a platform where there are no delays, no second-guessing if a transaction will go through, or the client will be asked constantly for account verification.

Our Vision

Looking at the fintech industry from a clients perspective made us come up with something that can rival established competitors and traditional banks.

The core of our services is the security of clients funds and the speed of transactions globally.

Make transactions easy, keep customers money safe and available everywhere to them it is what we are aiming for.






Investors are welcomed to participate in funding the project in an industry that is worth trillions.

Potential customers can participate in the development of our services and offers through our Pegasus Alfa Insider program. You can make your opinion come to light in an industry where the customer is asked at the end.


ID Verification

Verification is done with the newest and fastest technology, so the time for account opening is brought to a minimum. 

Once verified we will not ask for verification again, except what is requested by regulation.


Availability of accounts will depend on the area and country the customer is from. We are striving to make our services available worldwide. 

Accounts in multiple currencies with the highest security in holding and fastest technology for transfers.

Reserve your spot now.


Solutions for individuals, businesses and large corporations.

Make an impact worldwide with our banking and financial solutions.



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Our Address

7th Floor John Stow House, 18 Bevis Marks, London, England, EC3A 7JB

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